Maharashtra's Drug Kingpin Creates Ruckus in Narsipatnam

Maharashtra's Drug Kingpin Creates Ruckus in Narsipatnam - Sakshi Post

Cannabis smugglers are being transported to the station by police after being apprehended.

In Narsipatnam, there has been a lot of turmoil because of a car the smugglers were driving while fleeing from the police.

Narsipatnam (Visakhapatnam): The Maharashtra cannabis smugglers' gang has wreaked havoc in Narsipatnam (Visakhapatnam). As a result of the cops pursuing them, there was an accident caused by speeding, and they crashed, causing panic. The incident's details are given below.

Sidhu, Ifran, and Rohit from Maharashtra bought 240 kg of cannabis in Chintapalli. He was on his way to Narsipatnam in a car that was intended to take him to Maharashtra when he tried to flee the police at the Daunur check post. The Narsipatnam Traffic SI was already alerted when the cannabis smugglers arrived in the car at the checkpoint.

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Police attempted to halt the smugglers' car at the Government Degree College, Abid Center, but they collided with an old woman and sped away. They hit the barricades and fled while the SI on duty at Srikanya Center was attempting to halt them. The police crew immediately chased the cannabis smuggler's car with a police vehicle and on the SI's two-wheeler. The cannabis traffickers accidentally rammed into the police car due to excessive speed while motorists and onlookers were enraged.

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A smuggler's vehicle and a police vehicle speeding behind each other remind us of a movie scene. The smugglers stopped the car near the Pedabodepalli bridge and leapt into a ditch beneath the bridge to avoid being captured. Locals and police encircled them as a result of this. Three smugglers were apprehended and brought to the station.

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