Madanapalle Double Murder Updates: Alekhya's Instagram Gets More Followers Even Now

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The Madanapalle double murder case detail continues to create a sensation across the country. The parents of the victims have been sent to the Psychiatric ward in RUIA Hospital  at Tirupati for treatment and counselling.

As the Madanapalle police are examining various angles which lead to the murder of the two girls. They have also examined the Instagram account of the elder girl where she had posted saying that 'Shiva is coming' three days ago, along with various messages about the world ending etc. With the news of this spreading , many people across the world are now checking her Instagram Id and what was astonishing is that the number of followers have gone after the murder came to light. Alekhya is also into writing poetry under the name 'heart spun poet', where she had shared her writings.

When compared to the day of murder, she had less than 3,000 followers and now when you check the Id it has increased to 5,000 and it's increasing further. If one checks the comments especially on the last few where she spoke of ideologies, Osho, spirituality, her love for animals, cows, and her sister, have also gone up. Interestingly her sister Sai Divya's account is in private mode.

 Many of the viewers are expressing condolences over their death, while a few are requesting others to not speculate over their death, but people are noted to have scanned her entire Instagram account and commented on her posts.

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After the arrest of the girl's parents  Padmaja and V Purushottham Naidu, were sent to remand at the Madanapalle Sub Jail. It is reported that the mother had created a ruckus all night, shouting and ranting the same things when they were caught on the day of the murder. Visuals from their home show that they believed a lot in Shirdi Sai Baba, Meher Baba and Lord Shiva. Their home was named Shirdi Sai Nilayam etched on the walls and filled with books on spirituality and Hindu scriptures.

The police are of the opinion that they both are suffering from mental problems including delusions as certified by psychiatrists. They were given counselling for about four hours, medical examinations were conducted and they had answered every question asked by the psychiatrists. They were afflicted with this problem by extreme thought about god and divinity. They have symptoms of mental health problems including delusions, schizophrenia, and mania and they will need more counselling in the coming days, RUIA psychiatrists concluded.

Purushottham Naidu and Padmaja  were brought to RUIA on Friday amid heavy security. As per Dr Bharathi ,Superintendent at RUIA  hospital they will need to undergo advanced tests and further counselling for which they were being referred to Visakhapatnam Psychiatric Hospital. Since RUIA also does not have custodial care we will have to send them to Visakhapatnam, doctors said

Dr. Nageshwar Rao, Head, Department of Psychiatry-RUIA said that the accused were suffering from mental problems due to extreme devotion. Both Padmaja and Alekhya were said to be highly spiritual in nature and another aspect was that Padmaja's father and aunt were also found to be suffering from mental problems, he said.

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Purushottham Naidu's brother Dilip who lives in a village near Aragonda in Chittoor said that they were three brothers and Purushottham Naidu was his elder brother. He said that his sister-in-law Padmaja was extremely devoted to God and she and her elder daughter Alekhya went overboard with these extreme spiritual feelings especially during the lockdown, he stated. Meanwhile, a High Court Advocate named Rajini is all set to question the accused on suspicion some people were targeting them over their financial situation and properties.

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