Hyderabad: Cyber Scam Through Whatsapp Profile Pic?  Check Details

Hyderabad techie Blacmailed by Scamster After His WhatsApp profile pic is compromised - Sakshi Post

In a very unusual case of cybercrime, a techie from Hyderabad was blackmailed for money, when a scamster had taken the picture of his wife which was on his Whatsapp Display Profile, morphed it into a nude image, and threatened to upload it on the internet.

As per reports in The New Indian Express, the victim received a link from an unknown source and clicked on it. He was shocked to see pictures of call girls, their rates, etc. He had apparently declined to state that he was not interested. The sender threatened him saying that he had already opened the link and seen the pictures and demanded that he pay up, to which he refused.

That’s when he received a shocker! The scamster saved the WhatsApp profile photo of his wife, morphed into a nude one, and sent it back to the victim. He threatened the techie that he would circulate it on social media. Fearing this threat the man had sent a sum of Rs 1 Lakh to the offender through Google Pay linked to his wife’s bank account, further comprising their security.

When the criminal demanded more money, he finally approached the Hyderabad Cyber Crime Police and lodged a complaint on Wednesday. Police are in the process of tracing the number and investigating the matter.

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