AIADMK MLAs Lose Two Crores To Trichy Rowdysheeter

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Thiruvothiyur: A shocking incident took place in Trichy of Tamilnadu. A group of MLAs belonging to the AIADMK party from Trichy were traveling in a car and were allegedly robbed of Rs. 2 Crores in cash by a gang of thieves. The men who robbed the MLAs are now absconding. Police are in search of the accused.

Here go the details of the incident. The robbery took place on March 22 near the Trichy- Karur road in Bettavayitalai. Apparently, there was a collision between cars which led to chaos on the street. Locals who learnt of this situation immediately contacted the police and informed them of the incident.

As soon as the police arrived on the scene, passengers of one of the cars who were till then fighting on the road took off immediately and ran away in the opposite direction fleeing the scene.   

When police checked the car with the MLA pass, they found Rs 1 crore cash stashed in a gunny bag and hidden behind the seat.

The MLAs were identified as AIADMK leaders from Musiri who were drunk. The AIADMK leaders include Ravichandran (55), Sathyaraja (43), Jayasheela (46), and driver Kumar (36). They were arrested by the police for creating a ruckus and driving under the influence.

Upon interrogating the MLAs, the police got to know that the other car which fled on their arrival at the scene had robbed them of Rs. 2 crores cash. The suspects have been identified as Dilip Kumar (31), Prakash (31), Manikantha (29), and Shiva alias Gunasekharan (30), Rajkumar (30), and Suresh. They are said to have taken Rs 2 crore belonging to the MLAs and fled the scene.

Police have arrested some of the members of the gang. When the police interrogated them, it was learned that the money was stolen by a man named Swami Ravi, who is a rowdy sheeter from Trichy. Swami Ravi is absconding at the moment. Police have registered a case and are scouting for Ravi.

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