Fitness Freak? Check Out Top 5 Gyms In Hyd

Fitness Freak? Check Out Top 5 Gyms In Hyd - Sakshi Post

Today we can see people turning health conscious and fitness freaks because of which gym has become a complete necessity and is longer a hobby. According to fitness experts, it is very important to maintain doing gym and exercise atleast for an hour each day to ensure a good healthy body in future.
The number of gyms in Hyderabad are multiplying, but there are few gyms with best which turn out to be a complete workout methodology from weights to cardio as well as Crossfit with highly professional trainers.

What are the best gym Centers to Join in Hyderabad?

Here we have bought you the top 5 gyms of Hyderabad after considering the above points!
1. Pulse 8

Pulse 8

One of the best gyms in Hyderabad, Pulse 8 gym had started way back in 2000. This gym has finest equipment and perfect fitness knowledge available to help members achieve their body goal. With certified trainers and counselling, Loacted in multiple locations in Hyderabad, Pulse 8 has one of the best overall studio and equipment. Services provided here are kickboxing, Cross fit, Zumba classes and Power yoga.

This gym charges around 200 rupees per day. It also offers various packages like monthly, quarterly, half yearly and annually with various costs from 2k to 10k.

2. Fitness Lounge

Fitness Lounge

One of the highly professional gyms in Hyderabad, Fitness lounge is a place where there is a assured transformation in terms of results. Satish Paryada is the Partner in Franchise who is the Master Trainer of Khris Gethin gyms. He is the personal fitness coach to actor Mahesh Babu. Situated in Chintalakuntla, this gym has highly professional equipment with few best trainers for its members.

For one month this gym charges you rupees 3000 and it has also got some other packages like quarterly, half yearly and annually packages with charges like 2k to 11k.

3. Talwalkars


Talwalkars is one of the oldest and highly talked gyms for many years in Hyderabad. Located in multiple locations in Hyderabad this gym is a one-stop solution for all the youngsters at a very reasonable price. Established late back in 1932, this gym provides services like Zumba fitness, Cardio and power Yoga are some of the few.

This gym price around 700 rupees per day and also per month membership which starts around 3000 rupees. You can also take annual packages which will cost you around 15 k.
4. Fitness 9 Gym

Fitness 9 Gym

Located in Barkatpura, this gym provides result oriented fitness services with a rather high level of customer satisfaction. It provides a variety of offerings like Cross-fit Studio, Functional Training, Zumba, Cardio Kickboxing, Power Yoga and Cardio with high professional trainers.

This gym costs you around 2500 rupees per month and it also offers quarterly and half yearly packages.
5. 360 Degree Fitness

360 Degree Fitness

This gym is considered to be one of the top 10 gyms in Hyderabad. Located in Jubilee Hills, this gym is spacious and has highly good equipment. The trainers here are upto the mark with certification and almost 20 years of experience.

There are many offers for the gym membership too. This gym also provides many offers for its membership like you can pay 250 rupees per session. Per month they charge around Rupees 5000.

There are few best gyms which are unisex and provides best training to ladies and younger women who are really fitness freaks. Some of the gyms which also have female trainers including Chris Gethin Gyms which is considered as a world-renowned gym. Other gyms which provides perfect fitness routine environment especially for ladies include Fitplus Health Club situated in Serilingampally and F45 Training in Basheer Bagh.

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