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Hyderabad: On August 26, a 19-year-old from Wanaparty was rushed to the hospital and landed in the ICU after he complained of being unable to move his right leg and hand.
According to the reports, it has been said that the BSc second-year student was addicted to the mobile game, Player Unkonwn Battle Ground (PUBG). Doctors who were attending to him said that he developed brain clots(thrombosis) and was suffering from acute weight loss, poor nutrition and dehydration. He was also diagnosed with acute mental stress disorder which was due to competing for the game.
“Since his entire focus was on the game, he admitted to consuming very little food and water and being sleep deprived. The condition led to thickening of venous blood in the brain and few clots were developed,” said Dr K Vinod Kumar, senior neuro-physician, Sunshine Hospital. He added, “For one whole month, he was hooked to the game for six-seven hours every day, and so he lost 3-4 kgs of weight. In fact, days before he was brought to hospital he complained of headache and vomiting. He was very drowsy when he was brought to the hospital and could barely respond.”
After confirming that the boy was addicted to PUBG, his mother said, “In our village, people usually sleep early. But even after the lights went out, he played the game hiding inside the blanket. He lost interest in everything including food, and kept playing the entire day whenever he had a holiday,” said the mother. “He has been a good student and even got distinction in Class X. Hope, after this, he is cured of the addiction,” she added. She also said that he would start playing the game at 9 pm and continue till 3 or 4 am. He used to stop playing only during his part-time job hours. He would also log on to the game during his college hours and after that as well.
Banning PUBG will surely not help stop players from playing the game but by creating awareness about the negative effects of the game, we can help to a certain extent!

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