Hyderabad’s Lake Overflowing With Toxic Froth

The image tweeted out of the frothing water body - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Public water bodies infested with froth has been a problem Hyderabad has been facing and it has yet again wrecked havoc in Hyderabad.

The Putrid, frothing water are mixed with chemicals, say the local residence living in the nearby areas. The Annarayuni Cheruvu in Medchal District is overflowing with froth. No action has been taken by the civil body or pollution control board to see that the froth is regulated.

"There is a lot of froth coming from the lake from nearby industries, although we are not sure which industries are releasing this. Sewage and chemical water are mostly released from the Kapra lakeside". HDMA sources, speaking on condition of anonymity, said, "The froth could be a result of sewage water being let into the lake."

An official had had given a largely inconclusive response throwing blame on other departments responsible. No proper answer was given to the question of the source of the froth.

A local had tweeted the pictures of the water body. take a look at the tweet here:

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