Balakrishna Twirls Moustache, Slaps Thigh Filmy Style Challenging KTR

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Hyderabad: “KTR,  I dare you to come to Andhra Pradesh and I will show you what I can do. You could do nothing in Telangana, you think you can wield influence in Andhra Pradesh? Forget about setting foot in AP, you can’t put a toe there.”  Saying these words, Hindupur MLA, filmstar and Chandrababu Naidu's brother-in-law, Nandamuri Balakrishna, threw a challenge at caretaker minister and TRS leader K Taraka Rama Rao (KTR). It may be recalled that KTR had commented that Chandrababu Naidu had no business to interfere in the affairs of Telangana and that the TRS would repay this favour to him in kind by meddling in AP affairs during elections.

Balakrishna was campaigning for the TDP candidate from Malakpet, representing Mahakutami, Muzaffar Ali Khan. He was taking part in a road show in Malakpet when he made these comments. For added effect, Balakrishna twirled his moustache and slapped his thigh to stress his point.

The TDP MLA and father-in-law of Lokesh, further observed that feudal rule in Telangana would soon come to an end. Balakrishna added that the rule of the poor would be ushered in. He called out to the people of the state to put an end to the dictatorial regime of the TRS.  Balakrishna also commented that no one could ever forget what Chandrababu did for the growth of Hyderabad. The contribution of the TRS to the development of Hyderabad was nil, he said. Balakrishna claimed that he was also a Hyderabadi.

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