Why Shannu Can't Win Bigg Boss

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Shanmukh Jawanth is known for his Telugu short films and dances outside the Bigg Boss Telugu house. It won't be wrong to say that the audience was excited to see Shannu inside the glass house. Shanmukh gave his best and managed to win every task assigned by the Bigg Boss. Shanmukh is the first contestant who ruled the Bigg Boss house twice. But he lost his fame over his unnecessary possessiveness towards Siri, and his friendship with Siri was also one of the reasons. 

In the beginning, Shannu played well without any distractions, though the eliminated contestants gave feedback that Shannu and Siri were playing together. Later, to get rid of that talk, he avoided Siri, but Nagarjuna patched them up. 

Netizens say that Shannu was never seen performing tasks seriously. Siri's friendship and her kisses and hugs with Shannu led to negative talk about the duo and in the process Shannu lost voting percentage also. According to social media, Siri and Shannu are TRP materials for Bigg Boss Telugu makers, Star Maa. Because their fights and chemistry brought the channel good TRP ratings.

If one were to wonder why Shannu can't win Bigg Boss, then it's easy to gather that instead of concentrating on Siri and he should have played his own game. If he did that Shannu would not have lost the title. They say that Shannu had the capability of winning the show, but he lost it because of his own mistakes. 

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