Telangana: Low-Cost COVID Treatment In This District

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Minister Srinivas Gowd, reviewed Covid situation with the district officials and private hospital owners at the Mahabubnager Zilla Parishad conference hall.

Speaking there, he praised the owners of private hospitals for stepping forward to provide care, including oxygen, without the need for multiple checkups, and collecting Rs 30,000 for a week. All diagnostic centers in the district agreed to do a CT scan for Rs 1999. There are now 261 oxygen beds available in the government general hospital, and another 250 beds with oxygen will be added shortly.

He said that the Mahabubnagar district was at the forefront of the country in terms of providing low-cost care by private doctors. The Minister checked the total number of beds available for each hospital, the patients treated so far, the currently empty beds, ventilators, oxygen supplies.

"We're also establishing Covid Care Centers in the district, as well as three mobile ambulances that will go to patients' homes and provide treatment," he said. Four Basti dispensaries will open in the Mahabubnagar district center in the next two days. "We are seeking information from the concerned ANM's if there is corona outbreak in any of the villages" added Minister.

 Minister advised Dr. Krishna, the District Medical Officer to contact private hospitals immediately if there was any problem with oxygen, cylinders, or other medicines. He said district doctors should be prepared to treat people from Mahabubnagar, Narayanpet, and Shadnagar districts to ensure that they are completely treated here rather than going to Hyderabad.

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