In Telangana, COVID Cases Decline But Dengue Cases Increase

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During the current monsoon season, urban areas in Telangana, particularly those in the GHMC, Rangareddy, and Medchal districts, have seen a substantial increase in dengue positive cases. In the previous two weeks, Hyderabad has reported 450 dengue cases, the most when compared to other districts. Over 1,900 positive dengue cases have been reported in the previous month.

The Breteau Index (Bl), which measures the number of Aedes aegypti mosquitos in a region for dengue virus transmission, is 46 percent in Hyderabad, the highest in the state.

To combat dengue fever, the health department is collaborating with the GHMC to conduct a large fever survey and anti-larval measures in Hyderabad. Fever clinics will be established at all teaching hospitals in Hyderabad and its surrounding areas to aid in the early identification and treatment of dengue patients.

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"At the moment, dengue is under control. However, the public must take urgent steps so that it does not become an outbreak, as happened in 2019, "said Dr. G Srinivasa Rao, Director of Public Health (DPH), on Wednesday.

The health authority urged people to take steps to prevent Aedes mosquito breeding. "In Telangana, the health, municipal, and Panchayat agencies are conducting huge campaigns to reduce mosquito reproduction. People must take responsibility for effective water management in their homes and nearby regions. It is critical to observe a dry day at least once," he noted

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