Omicron Wave: Hospitalisation Numbers Increase In Telangana

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A couple of days ago, in Telangana, the number of active cases has surpassed 6,000. The active caseload has reached 6,168, the highest level since August 26, last year, when the active caseload was 6,246. There is an increase in the number of active cases, indicating a rapid spread of infection. In terms of transmissibility, compared to the Delta variant, the Omicron variant is 6 times faster and the people of Telangana should take necessary precautions in the next coming weeks.

Earlier, news broke out that Omicron is mild and the hospitalization rate is less. According to the reports, 278 patients have been admitted to hospitals across Telangana in the last week and earlier, it was just three or four cases per day.

Doctors and experts are saying that hospitalization numbers may rise in the next few days and said that it is very important to follow covid-19 protocol and care should be taken to contain the spread of infections in the third wave. A couple of days ago, the number of hospital admissions increased from 1157 to 1435. It is also said that the symptoms are less in the current wave and 182 patients who have been admitted to both government and private hospitals are receiving oxygen treatment while 112 patients are in intensive care units. 

Doctors are also saying that the Delta variant cases are also there in the state and said that one should not forget that around 30 percent of cases are still of Delta variant. It is very important to wear masks and follow COVID-19 protocol.

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