Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Fan War Begins

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Hey Bigg Boss Tamil 5 viewers, the show is heading towards the grand finale, are you excited? So many predictions are happening on social media platforms about the winner, and the predictions are also changing, thanks to the fan wars on social media. 

Yes, Priyanka and Raju's fans are having a war over who will win the trophy of Bigg Boss Tamil 5. Anyway, a section of the audience says that Priyanka has a chance to be the winner. According to social media buzz, Priyanka has a huge craze compared to Raju.

 Raju's fans say that Priyanka is playing a safe and fake game to impress the audience. In reply, Priynaka fans compare her performance with Raju in the task. Priyanka and Raju executed their own game strategy and reached the grand finale round.

But it is worth mentioning here that both Priyanka and Raju have given their best in all the tasks. Raju has gained a huge fan following outside the house, which he may not have expected when he entered the Bigg Boss house. Even Priyanka doubled her followers with her brave steps in the game and straight talk. 

Raju and Priyanka are good friends inside the Bigg Boss Tamil 5 house. However, fans are having a battle outside the house over their win. It is known that fan wars are quite common during Bigg Boss shows. Fans get possessive over their favorite contestant and work hard to make sure that they bag the trophy. But remember, Bigg Boss is only a show, so don't take it seriously and enjoy the show. 

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