Naga Babu Spits Fire At Prakash Raj For Calling Pawan Kalyan A Oosaravelli

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Actor turned politician and Janasena party president Pawan Kalyan announced that his party is going to support BJP in the coming GHMC Polls.  Actor Prakash Raj criticised Pawan Kalyan for his not so wise decisions and called him Chameleon (Oosaravelli).

Nagababu, the brother of Pawan Kalyan reacted to Prakash Raj's comments. He took to his Twitter and tweeted as, "Decisions change according to time in politics. The motive behind those decisions is to serve the people and the party. I believe that there are going to be huge benefits behind our leader Pawan Kalyan supporting the BJP in the GHMC elections."

He further added that every unworthy fellow is criticising Pawan Kalyan and said that Pawan has never betrayed anyone. He also said that everyone came to know about Prakash Raj in a debate with BJP MP Subrahmanyaswamy. He said that if Prakash Raj doesn't like the decisions taken by BJP then he can criticise the party.

He said that BJP will develop the country whereas Janasena party will develop Andhra Pradesh. He also said that BJP leaders will not say anything even if Prakash Raj says a hundred words. He said that BJP gives much importance to democracy.  He further added that everyone knows how much he has tortured the producers for money. Here is the tweet made by Nagababu.

Prakash Raj in an interview with a TV channel said that "Pawan Kalyan disappointed everyone by supporting the BJP without contesting in the GHMC elections. " He said that in 2014, Pawan campaigned for NDA and praised Modi as a great man. But in 2019, he supported Left parties and criticized Modi and the TDP.  Prakash Raj added that again in 2020, both BJP and Janasena are working together and he termed Pawan as 'Oosaravelli'.

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