Hyderabad’s Native as the President of Dubai Telugu Association

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A recent election marked a significant milestone for the Dubai Telugu Association, as a new executive committee was chosen to oversee the organisation's social welfare and cultural initiatives. The elections included the selection of a Chairman, Vice-Chairman, General Secretary, Treasurer, and Directors through an open ballot.

Under the guidance of the election committee, a new leadership team was elected to look after the association. The founding members representing Telangana and Andhra Pradesh had their representatives appointed in this election, and Balusa Vivekananda  from Hyderabad city, was elected as the President.

Here is the list of the newly elected board members: 

Chairman: Vivekananda Balusa
Vice-Chairman: Sudarshan Katuru
General Secretary: Vijaya Bhaskar
Treasurer: Srinivas Goud
Emirati Board Members: Mr. Rashed, Misrata Khalid
Directors (Andhra Pradesh): Sheikh Abdadal Fahim, Lata Nagesh
Directors (Telangana): Bheem Shankar, Chaitana Chakinala
Directors (Founding Members): Musaiuddin Mohammed, Srinivas Rao Yenduri, Surendranath Dhanekula, Sridhar

100 percent of voting in this election is a great achievement, setting a new standard for elections in the Dubai Telugu Association and surpassing any previous elections in the UAE. 

The association's mission is to unite the diverse Telugu community residing in Dubai, Telugu individuals from various professions, backgrounds, and beliefs.

Expatriates hailing from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana showed keen interest in the election, which was conducted and supervised by a professional election committee, ensuring a transparent and strict process in line with international standards.

The Dubai Telugu Association is authorised and operates under the Community Development Authority, organising a wide range of programs for the Telugu community in Dubai.

The newly elected executive committee of the Dubai Telugu Association is committed to serving the Dubai society by fulfilling the aspirations of Telugu people, supporting their accomplishments and contributing to their success. This was announced by the new Executive Committee.

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