Story of dreams, aspirations, & sheer will come alive in 'Slum Golf' trailer

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Mumbai, Nov 17 (IANS) Actor Shard Kelkar’s sports-drama series ‘Slum Golf’ is the story of dreams of reaching the top while being at the very bottom, having nothing but sheer will and commitment.

Picking up from the inner lanes of Mumbai and showcasing an unbreakable zeal and determination to realise one’s dreams, the trailer of ‘Slum Golf’ unveiled in Friday, follows a young boy Pawan, who aims for the sky and aspires to be a golf professional all the while living in the Mumbai slums.

Living a harsh reality, Pawan is nonetheless a dreamer who is putting all his strength to making his dream come true. Digging deeper into Pawan’s own life and the many hardships he’s gone through, the trailer showcases the many extreme ends of slum life in Mumbai, somewhat reminiscent of an aesthetic used by ‘Slumdog Millionaire’, though much more real and less filmy.

A powerful journey of perseverance and drive, his dreams of being a professional golfer is more than just a childhood dream, but rather it is about alleviating his family’s social status, and proving his own self-worth given that his own father is useless.

With the help of his coach and friends who encourage and support him all the way, Pawan sets out on a mission to uncover his identity as a pro-golfer, engraving the remarkable story of passion and grit.

Impressed by this zeal, Sharad Kelkar steps in as Coach Rane who takes up the charge of training the boy. However, it is not just all about the dreaming part or determination, because it really depicts the horrible reality of slum-dwellers. Even dreaming is like a crime for them as they are spat, and looked down upon.

Actor Mayur More, talking about the series and his character said: “'Slum Golf’ sheds light on the hardships of people who aspire to achieve big but are bound by the chains of society, status and finances. Through the character of Pawan, I will not only portray his journey but also write a story that will inspire and motivate many."

“I'm looking forward to following his journey from the streets of slums to the tee box of the golf course. It was an amazing experience and I hope that the viewers will also love and cheer for Pawan as they see him pursue his passion," he added.

Detailing his own character of Coach Rane, Sharad Kelkar said: “It was a delight to be a part of such an amazing project. Coach Rane's character is a watershed moment in Pawan's life, and he provides the support and guidance that everyone requires at some point in their lives.

He further mentioned, “'Slum Golf’ is a narrative about believing in oneself, and staying focused on one's purpose despite obstacles and hardships. This unique and uplifting story will undoubtedly touch viewers' hearts, leaving them encouraged and confident."

Created by Temple Bells Films and directed by Sujay Dahake, the show will premiere on November 22 on Amazon miniTV.

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