Prashant Kishor is CBN's Package Star. Here's Proof!

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Poll strategist Prashant Kishor’s recent interview is going viral on social media. The reason being a heated exchange with the interviewer Karan Thapar over the former’s prediction of Congress’ defeat in the 2022 Himachal Pradesh elections. 

During an interview for “The Wire” online news portal, Kishor vehemently denied making predictions about Congress rout in the Himachal Pradesh polls. Visibly agitated, Kishor rejected the veteran journalist Karan Thapar’s assertion and demanded video evidence. 

Poll strategist was not in a mood to own his statement when the interviewer presented the online news articles as a reference. He even challenged that he’d quit the business of politics if Thapar could show a video footage where he commented about Congress poor performance in the state polls. 

Earlier this week, Prashant Kishor predicted that the Narendra Modi-led BJP government would return to power with “slightly better numbers”. With reference to this poll prediction, Karan Thapar asked Prashant Kishor why his prediction for Congress rout in the Himachal Pradesh elections went wrong. This question angered Prashant who demanded video footage of his statement and added that “I shall apologise or else, you should apologise in public.”

Prashant Kishor kept arguing with Thapar and did not allow him to complete his question. When Thapar showed him a video clip of Kishor’s tweet, he refused to accept text-based statements. The outburst of Kishor with the interviewer has not gone down well with the netizens who said that the poll strategist should stop being “arrogant”. 

Prashant Kishor, who is also the founder of  I-PAC (Indian Political Action Committee), is back at making predictions on the outcome of elections in the country after his “Jan Suraj” padayatra in Bihar failed to get traction. He’s gained name and fame over the years as an election strategist. Of late, self-proclaimed political strategist Prashant Kishor has lost his credibility completely.

Recently, PK made a prediction that YSRCP will likely to lose in the Assembly elections and these comments received severe backlash online. Vijayasai Reddy, a Member of Parliament from the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), also dismissed Prashant Kishor's prediction. He criticised Kishor's prediction, stating that it is merely based on his 'gut' and does not consider the welfare schemes implemented by the Andhra Pradesh government during the Covid-19 pandemic, which provided a safety net for millions of people in the state.  

Kishor's gut has been wrong in the past, and he has not provided evidence to support his recent prediction. Instead, he has based his predictions on political experience and strategic insights. His track record suggests that his predictions may not be reliable. 

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