Sony Music Drops Mann Bharriyaa 2.0 from Shershaah

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Having left behind a lasting impression at the very end of the recently-released Shershaah, Sony Music launches the emotional track Mann Bharryaa 2.0 today on Independence Day. The song that has left viewers shed a tear is picturized on Captain Vikram Batra’s funeral sequence that sees his partner Dolly, played by Kiara Advani break down in front of a large crowd as she cannot fathom the love of her life burning on a pyre in front of her very own eyes. Shot at the same place in Palampur where the martyr's funeral had actually been held many years ago, Mann Bharryaa 2.0 depicts the emotions that Vikram’s father, family, comrades are going through as they remember Vikram, a loved one, who became a legend by laying down his life for the country.

Produced by Sony Music India , Mann Bharryaa 2.0 features lyrics that are an absolute tear-jerker by Jaani and an iconic composition and intense vocals by B Praak. With each character knowing that they’ll never have the chance to talk or see a person who was special to them ever again, the track is sure to be etched in the viewers mind and heart for it will remind them their special someone, without whom they feel incomplete.

Speaking about the song, Sidharth Malhotra said, “The moment I heard the original Mann Bharryaa for the first time, I knew that it had to be a part of Shershaah. We got the Mann Bharryaa 2.0 version for the film, it was one of the first songs to be finalised and it is a perfect fit. The song enhances the emotions during the scenes it is being played at. Every single person in that entire sequence has experienced loss that has broken them. They did not know that the last time they spoke to this person was the final one. I simply marvel at how Mann bharryaa 2.0 has been able to convey this feeling beautifully for everyone to cherish.”

Talking about Mann bharryaa 2.0 Kiara Advani, “It’s my favourite song from the film without a shadow of a doubt. There is so much that it conveys to the person who it’s meant for. As one would say, ‘it hits differently’. Dimple , who is head over heels in love with Capt Vikram Batra, sees her entire life, her love and dreams going up in flames right before her and simply cannot fathom the fact that this special someone is no more. It’s a song that does more than just talk to the heart because I still think about it and get emotional remembering its lyrics and how it was shot.”

Sharing his thoughts on the song, B Praak said, “People don’t see Mann Bharryaa 2.0 as just a romantic track anymore. That, I believe is the best compliment I could have ever received for the song. I’m proud to have composed and sung a track that speaks on the overwhelming emotion of love. Be it for your son, your friend, your partner, this song forges a connect with all the relationships you have ever made in life. I had to change the composition and tempo of the original to match the mood of the scene and I am delighted seeing those who’ve watched the film appreciate what’s been made with so much love.”

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