5 Getaways From Hyderabad To Enjoy The Monsoon

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By Devraj Bollareddy 

Nagarjuna Sagar - Srisailam tiger reserve

This tiger reserve is the largest of its kind in India, covering almost 5 districts. It is situated in the middle of Nallamala Forest, setting the scene for a nice rain-forest vibe. If you are a road-trip type of person, this is the perfect getaway for you since it is 4 hours away from Hyderabad. The tiger reserve is home to many dams, the famous Ethipothala falls, rivers, and many ancient temples. Tigers are not the only species of exotic animals that you will lay your eyes on when you are over here, the tiger reserve is also home to the Indian leopard, Indian pangolin, and the Indian peafowl.


If you are a peaceful vacationer that just wants to chill, unwind and relax while soaking in breathtaking views, then Lambasingi is the place for you. Lambasingi is a small village located in Andhra’s Visakhapatnam district and the pictures from the place make you feel like you are on the set of Twilight. This hill station is not as commercial as Ooty or Coorg, making it the perfect place for a peaceful getaway. Located just 103 kms from the Vishakhapatnam Airport, you can either drive down to Vishakapatnam and then head to Lambasingi or you could simply fly down to Visakhapatnam but the drive to Lambasingi from Visakhapatnam is a scenic one you should not miss at any cost.

Araku Valley

Araku Valley is another scenic destination in the Visakhapatnam District that you absolutely must visit at least once. Araku Valley is surrounded by the beautiful Eastern Ghats, the valley is saturated with tea and coffee plantations so if you are a nature lover, you are sure to have a good time. Araku Valley has its very own Ananthagiri Hills where you will encounter lush coffee plantations and breathtaking waterfalls. If you are not in the mood for nature, you can visit Araku Tribal Museum, where you can learn more about Araku valley’s history and culture.


Srisailam is a spiritual place of worship, but why not squeeze a fun trip out of your spiritual endeavors? You can admire beautiful sunsets with the mighty Srisailam dam as the backdrop. Srisailam is located just 4 hours away from Hyderabad, making it the perfect distance for a day trip or a weekend getaway. You can enjoy a scenic boat ride over the Krishna River, or explore Akkamahadevi caves where a famous lyricist did penance. While at Akkamahadevi caves, you can offer your prayers to the Shiva Lingam. You can also feast your eyes at the Paladhara Panchadara, an exquisite waterfall rumoured to have originated from Lord Shiva’s forehead as the 5 distinctive waterfalls under Paladhara Panchadara are said to represent the 5 elements of Lord Shiva

 Ananthagiri Hills

So far, all the places on this list are located a fair distance from Hyderabad however, if you are looking for a monsoon getaway that is close by then Ananthagiri Hills is the place for you. The hill station is located just an hour and a half away from the city and offers a scenic view with multiple viewpoints scattered across the hill station. Sunrise is said to be the best time to visit Ananthagiri Hills, the drive to Ananthagiri Hills avoids most major highways, setting the scene for a peaceful drive with music and friends while the monsoon rain cascades down your windshield.   

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