Will Theatres Re-Open In Unlock 4.0, With Restrictions?

 - Sakshi Post

Big theatre chains in USA have announced that they will start operations from next month with all safety precautions. Few theatres have already started operations in less contaminated counties in the country. 

A nation wide re-opening of several theatres in major cities like New York, Los Angeles has been scheduled from next month. Tenet film in the direction of Christopher Nolan will release in theaters in USA after opening in China. 

Now, some reports suggest that even Indian big chains have requested Central Government of India to give them permission to start operations in less contaminated zones, in India. 

With Rainy Season, at its peak, major number of theatres won't see full capacity occupancies at this time of the year, normally and hence, the theatre chains want to have test screenings to see, how people would respond to re-opening of theatres with some popular films. 

If the reaction is lukewarm and cases surge, they promise to shut operations immediately. But most of them want to start re-opening so that they can ask their staff to re-join, which will be a better sign for financial recovery of few families after the lockdown. 

Indian Government is thinking about imposing new restrictions on theatres to allow them to be re-opened. They may restrict occupancy rates and ask for social distancing at the screens along with directing theatre managements to provide safety kits or small sanitizers to audiences who walk into their establishments to watch films. 

If that is the case, just like Malls, theatres might see very few occupancies than the allowed percentage for at least another two months, after re-starting operations. 

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