Telugu Anchors And Their Latest Remuneration

Telugu Anchors And Their Latest Remuneration - Sakshi Post

When it comes to the number of anchors working in the Telugu film and TV industry one can easily count on your fingers, with Suma Kanakala leading the team, followed by Anasuya Bharadwaj, Rashmi Gautam, and Pradeep Machiraju, and Ravi amongst the male anchors.

What looks like an easy job of talking on the stage, anchoring, and hosting events, an anchor's job cannot be undermined. A lot of work goes behind the glitz and glamour that one sees. Command in language, diction, presence of mind, scripting, general knowledge, and most importantly not being in awe of the stars and maintaining a uniform demeanor with everyone are some of the qualities one should have as an anchor.Nowadays its also important to stay fit and also have a good designer to help you present yourself with fashionable clothes as people from the Telugu states and the world over watch you.

But once you get the hang of it and click with the media and public, the job becomes effortlessly easy and highly paid ...and our Suma Kanakala is one of those successful anchors who leads both ways!

Let's have a look at the remuneration that Suma and others are being offered for anchoring as of now.

Suma Kanakala: Suma Kanakala is currently the top anchor in Telugu. From  Jr NTR’s Andhrawala audio function till date she continues her successful spell. Suma Kanakala apparently takes a remuneration of around Rs 2.5 lakh for a single event she hosts, making her the highest-paid anchor in TFI.

Pradeep Machiraju: Pradeep Machiraju a popular male anchor has garnered a good craze in Tollywood and continues to regale the audience with his wit and humour. Pradeep is said to be getting remuneration of one lakh rupees per event.

 Anasuya Bharadwaj: Anasuya who had become a  craze after the  Jabardasth comedy show is second in line to Suma and is said to be getting remuneration of around Rs.2 lakhs. After her stint with TV, it is reported that she plans to go into movies full-time and is planning to introduce her sister Vaishnavi.

Rashmi Gautam: Rashmi Gautam who continues to work in the comedy show Jabardast has a good reputation as an anchor, and is currently receiving a package ranging from Rs.1.50 thousand to Rs.1.70 thousand based on the show.

 Anchor Ravi: Ravi is another popular male anchor who gained much fame after Pradeep. He is said to be taking a remuneration of up to Rs.1 lakh for each event.

Shyamala: Another famous anchor in Tollywood is Shyamala. She is also currently earning up to Rs. 50 thousand per show and has hosted many film events on par with Suma.

Manjusha: Another upcoming anchor in  Tollywood is Manjusha. She is also said to be getting remuneration of up to Rs.50 thousand. Manjusha has also conducted many interviews with Telugu actors apart from doing shows on Television.

Varshini: Another anchor is Varshini who gets up to Rs.30 thousand in remuneration. Varshini got recognition in Telugu through the Jabardasth comedy show as well.

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