Renu Desai's Epic Reaction to Pawan Kalyan’s Fan

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Tollywood actor Pawan Kalyan enjoys a massive fan following in the Telugu states. Inspite of that, there are many who continues to criticise the actor and his movies. However, the diehard fans of Pawanism go to extreme lengths to defend and support their matinee ideol. 

When Pawan Kalyan’s Bro (2023) movie was released, the actor’s fan stood in front of his matinee idol’s huge cutout in Madanapalle and cut the nerve on his hand with a blade and shouted ‘Bro is a hit movie’. The video went viral despite its disturbing content. 

The fans of Pawan are also fans of Telugu actors Renu Desai (Pawan Kalyan’s former wife) and Poonam Kaur. Whenever and whatever these actors post on their social media accounts, Pawan’s fans quickly like, respond and share the posts. If they posts some positive news about their actor, they immediately give credit to Pawan Kalyan. 

Recently, Renu Desai posted a similar post about the incident. The Telugu actress is an animal lover who is actively collaborating with several NGOs who work for the protection and welfare of animals. Every month, she donates some money for the protection of animals like dogs and cats. Taking to her Instagram account, she posted a message about her work. Soon after, a Pawan fan commented “Ma Pawan Kalyan annaya la golden heart valadi” (She has a golden heart like our brother Pawan Kalyan). 

The comment miffed Renu Desai who gave a befitting response to Pawan fan. She replied to the commenter, “why every single post I do a bunch of you guys have to always compare me with my ex husband? I must have deleted and blocked hundreds of them by now. I am an individual and I have been doing animal rescues since I was 10 years old which has got nothing to do with my ex husband. I sincerely request you guys to please stop commenting on every single post of mine that how I am like him because he doesn't care or love for animals like i do,” she wrote.

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