Mehreen Pirzada Lashes Out at Media

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Tollywood actress Mehreen Pirzada slammed certain media outlets for inaccurately reporting her decision to freeze her eggs as an announcement of pregnancy and IVF treatment. "The F2: Fun and Frustration" took to social media demanding public apologies and retractions from the channels responsible.

Pirzada had shared her journey with egg freezing, a procedure aimed at preserving fertility for the future. However, some channels misrepresented this as news of her being pregnant through IVF. The 27-year-old actress expressed frustration over the sensationalism, stressing the media's duty to provide factual information.

The actress clarified she chose to share her personal decision to raise awareness about fertility options and women's career choices. She warned of legal action against channels spreading falsehoods about her. Pirzada asserted her right to discuss such matters on her platform to highlight significant issues.

Currently not working on any new projects, Pirzada's future career moves remain anticipated by fans. The actress is known for her roles in films like "Spark L.I.F.E.", "F2", and "F3".

Here's the Instagram video shared by Mehreen announcing her decision to freeze her eggs:

Mehreen Pirzada's decision to freeze eggs has drawn comparisons to a similar choice made by Bollywood actress Mrunal Thakur who publicly announced her decision earlier this year.

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