MAA Elections 2021: Do We Need An Outsider To Run MAA, Asks Ravi Babu

MAA Elections 2021: Ravi Babu's Comments on Outsiders Running MAA Body - Sakshi Post

Ravi Babu Comments On Outsiders Contesting MAA Elections 2021: The battle for the Movie Artistes Association (MAA), the apex welfare body of Tollywood is picking pace day-by-day with contestants trading barbs at each other. Candidates in the fray are criticizing each other and levelling allegations against each other.  On Tuesday, Prakash Raj lodged a complaint with the MAA Elections Returning Officer against  Manchu Vishnu, to which the actor responded strongly in a press meet. Now this apart, actor/director Ravi Babu who is the son of senior Telugu actor Chalapathi Rao made interesting comments indirectly on Prakash Raj and bringing to the fore the 'outsider' issue once again, but in a subtle way.

In a video message the actor questioned,” Isn’t it up to us to run the MAA association? Should someone else come and teach us how to run the association, “ he asked. However, he firmly clarified that this is not about the local and non-local issue. There are no opportunities for our own character artists in the Telugu film industry, but they are bringing in actors from other languages, he commented. He also spoke about how cameramen, hairdressers, and other technicians were brought from outside into the State.

" When we have established a small organization like MAA to handle our issues why do we need an outsider to show us how to conduct the organization, " he asked. It’s our and the technicians’ misfortune that outsiders are being taken into the industry. Putting that aside, do we need to have an outsider teach us how to run the  MAA organization, can we not get someone from within the industry to run MAA, he asked. I urge everyone to think about this aspect, he appealed in a video message.

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