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Balipadyami: Bali Pratipada, Bali Padyami, or Padva is celebrated on the fourth day of Diwali. It is the first day of the bright lunar fortnight in the Hindu month of Kartika. The day commemorates Lord Vishnu's triumph against the demon-king Bali in the Vamana Avatar, as well as the demon-return king's to the world. It was on this day that Lord Krishna freed the inhabitants of Gokul from Lord Indra's wrath. The date of Bali Pratipada in 2021 is November 5th, Friday.


Bali Pratipada celebrates Lord Vishnu's triumph against demon-king Bali in the dwarf form of Valama, according to Hindu mythology. King Bali, also known as Mahabali, was a benevolent man who lived in a joyful and contented country. He was known for his courage, uprightness, and devotion to Vishnu, the Hindu god. He was also conceited, and the gods despised him. The gods were enraged by his harassment and asked Vishnu for assistance in removing Bali.

Lord Vishnu assumed the shape of a dwarf named Vamana, his fifth of 10 incarnations. Vamana approached Bali and asked for alms and devotion. He asked the monarch for a gift of three paces of land, which he accepted. Because there was no space for Vamana's third step, the dwarf assumed the enormous universal form and placed his first step on the universal space, his second on the earth, and since there was no space for Vamana's third step, Bali offered his head to place his third step, realising that the dwarf was Lord Vishnu's incarnation. Vishnu sent him to Sutala, the netherworld.

Vishnu was so pleased with Bali's generosity that he awarded him a blessing that permitted him to visit Earth once a year. People burn lamps to commemorate his return, hoping to remove the darkness and promote love and knowledge. It is thought that Bali's kingdom corresponds to modern-day Kerala.

Why And How Is Balipadyami Observed On Diwali's Fourth Day?

It occurs on the first day of the Hindu lunar month Kartik's brilliant fortnight. It is celebrated to commemorate Deity Vishnu's victory over Bali, the demon ruler.

Three and a half auspicious moments (muhurta) occur in a year, with Balipratipada being the half auspicious occasion. There are some auspicious days, some unfavourable days, and some days that have both or only one aspect within a calendar year. When some major activities, like weddings, property purchases, and so on, are performed at auspicious times, the results are favourable. The three and a half fortunate days are such that one can execute any activity throughout the day since each moment is favourable on these days.

Significance Of Balipratipada

Negative Energy Creation

On the day of Bali-pratipada, it is stated that bad energy was produced. The percentage of 'Yama' and 'Tiryak' frequencies in the Universe is higher today. When these frequencies collide, the negative energies under King Bali's control produce even more bad energy. On this day, King Bali is ritualistically worshipped, and an offering (Naivaidya) is offered to him to quench his thirst and hunger.

This makes King Bali and the negative energies under his control happy for the whole year of ‘Paatal' and ensures that life on Earth is not disrupted. This enables the Jiva (soul) on Earth to practise spirituality without hindrance. This day of calming bad forces is as essential to the Hindu Dharma as any other important celebration. Since a result, the Hindu Dharma's impartiality and tolerance will be apparent, as it considers both the virtuous and the unjust.

Balipadyami Wishes:

Remembering king Bali and pray for the return of prosperity that existed during his rule on this Bali Pratipada day

Happy Balipadyami

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