Squid Games Season 2: What to Expect

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Squid Game is a name that needs no introduction now. The most popular show on Netflix right now, well, let’s say the most popular series in the world, currently. This South Korean show broke all the records reaching No.1 on the trending list in a total of 90 countries in just 10 days following its release. Squid Game was released on September 17 and in no time became the biggest non-English show ever.

It even surpassed the series, Bridgerton which held the record for a really long time. We are going to be discussing here, the possibility of Season 2 of Squid Game. Possible spoilers ahead!

456 people, all of whom are deeply in debt, stake their life on a $38 million reward. While the bizarre premise has drawn in millions of viewers, the beautifully crafted characters and the difficulties they face have fans speculating and looking and hunting for more. 

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Let us tell you, why people are speculating that Squid Game will have a season 2! Well, the main reason is its open ending. The ambiguous conclusion to the show has fans rattling their brains and coming up with their own theories as to what the ending could be? Although for now there has been no news regarding Season 2 or the renewal of Squid Game by Netflix, looking at its popularity, the show could be coming back with another season.

Well, it is not impossible as earlier, Netflix renewed other Korean dramas like ‘Love Alarm’ and zombie thriller ‘Kingdom’. Considering the fact that Squid Game was first announced in 2019 and after production, it was released now in 2021, we can say that Season 2 will not be coming out anytime soon.

The speculated timeline, in this case, could be 2023. We do not need to worry about the storyline for Season 2 as there are many unanswered questions. What is the reason behind what Oh Il-Nam, the old man did, what did the winner do with the money? and also the fate of the disguised police officer? Content will not be an issue. Fans are eager to get answers to all these questions.

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