No Wedding Without Mutton Curry, Says Groom

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Groom Cancels Marriage and Weds Another Girl in Odisha after the family failed to serve mutton curry during the wedding

The groom walks out on his to-be wife and marries another woman.

When Patra discovered that there was no mutton in the wedding feast, he called off the wedding, shocking everyone.

Odisha: On his wedding day, a guy abandoned his fiancée when her family failed to offer mutton as part of the wedding feast in Sukinda on Wednesday. Ramakant Patra, the 27-year-old groom, then married another lady in the region before going home. Bizarre, but real.

According to sources, Patra, a native of Rebanapalaspal in the neighboring Keonjhar district, arrived in Bandhagaon village in Sukinda block on Wednesday afternoon with the wedding party (baraatis) in a procession to marry the bride. When they arrived at the location, they were greeted by the bride's family and escorted to the dining hall for lunch following formalities.

The wedding party insisted on mutton curry before the meal was served. Because the same thing wasn't provided, the wedding party (Basarits) got into a fight with the bride's family members and those serving meals. The situation quickly went out of hand. When Patra discovered that the wedding party's mutton had not been cooked, he abruptly called off the ceremony, shocking everyone.

Even though the bride's family pleaded with him and attempted to persuade him to change his decision, their pleas fell on deaf ears, as the groom and his family left the location. Patra and his family travelled to a relative's residence in Gandhapala village, Kuhika panchayat, Sukinda, where they spent the remainder of the day.

According to reports, he then married another Phulajhara woman in Tamka on the same night before returning to Keonjhar. In this case, no complaint was filed with the local police.

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