Kavali Man Hacked to Death With Beer Bottle Over A Matchbox

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A man went asking for a matchbox to light his cigarette.

A brawl resulted in the death of a young man.

The incident occurred in the Nellore district.

Kavali: Two men who got drunk goy into a scuffle after a person sought a matchbox to light up. One of the persons strangled and smashed him in the head with a bottle of beer. The incident claimed the life of a young man.

A young man was killed in a horrific incident near the Nellore district area police station. On Sunday afternoon, some youngsters were spotted in a state of intoxication at the college grounds in Kachcherimitta, which is under the jurisdiction of the Kavali Two Town Police Station. 

Zamiruddin (25) went to another batchmate to ask for a matchbox to light his cigarette after a drink. Zamiruddin was threatened by a group of youth who asked him how he dared to ask them for a matchbox.

As the situation turned tense, words were exchanged and a brawl ensued, resulting in a clash between the two batches. Two young men with a bottle of beer hacked Zamir in the throat and head, causing him to bleed to death on the spot. Chandra and Prithvi, Zamir's friends who tried to interfere and stop the fight, were also hurt. The two parties had been at loggerheads for a long time. The accused Nikhil and Rahul have been charged by two town police officers.

Zamir, who died recently, had completed his MBA and was looking for work. Mohiddin, his father, works as a driver at the RTC depot. A large number of Zamir's family, including his parents, arrived at Kavali Government Hospital following his death. The parents are inconsolable and Heartbroken over the sudden demise of their kid. 

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