YSRCP's Samajika Sadhikara Yatra Gains Huge Momentum in Visakhapatnam

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Minister Dharmana Prasad hits out at TDP, JanaSena; asks,’Can political migrants like Naidu and Pawan Kalyan ever pose a risk to CM Jagan’?

The YSRCP continued to keep the buzz around its ‘Samajika Sadhikara’ yatra on the ninth day as it pulled a crowd of thousands out of their houses in Visakhapatnam’s Gajuwaka. The yatra began with a media interaction, followed by a massive bike rally and culminated into a huge public meeting. 

Boarding the bus that was adorned with blue and green YSRCP flags, party top brass including Regional Coordinator YV Subba Reddy, Ministers Gudivada Amarnath, Dharmana Prasad, Seediri Appalaraju, MP Nandigama Suresh, MLA Tipalla Nagi Reddy, and Sheikh Khadar Basha traversed across the assembly constituency.

On the way, senior leaders including YV Subba Reddy and Gudiwada Amarnath inaugurated Gajuwaka’s newly constructed UPHC (Urban Primary Health Care) at Mindi. 

With ‘Aapu Babu Natakam’ playing out loud in the background, the YSRCP bus was accompanied by thousands of supporters on bikes reaching its final destination at 80 ft Road.

Addressing a sea of supporters, Minister Seediri Appalaraju said, ‘I am delighted to witness the overwhelming support for the Gajuwaka social empowerment yatra. During Chandrababu's 14-year tenure, there were doubts about whether backward classes truly received the political and social recognition they deserved. BCs, SCs, and STs often hesitated to even hold meetings. It wasn't until CM Jagan's regime that they found the courage to do so. We should all today ask Mr Chandrababu Naidu why BC, SC, and ST leaders were marginalised during his regime despite their contributions.’ 

In an all out attack against JanaSena Chief, the Minister remarked, ‘The selection of YSRCP candidate Nagireddy over Pawan Kalyan in 2019 from Gajuwaka itself reflects the public's lack of confidence in the 'package star.' 

Broaching the sensitive topic of Vizag Steel plant privatisation, Seediri Appalaraju said, ‘It was CM Jagan who first responded to the threat of steel plant privatisation by raising the issue with the Centre. Pawan Kalyan's decision to align with the BJP despite the ongoing Vizag Steel Plant controversy is perplexing and a self-fulfilling political stance. It's unclear where his loyalties lie.’

The debate over Andhra Pradesh’s capital also took centerstage, with Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao insisting that opposition parties, especially the TDP, were unjustly opposing Visakhapatnam as the capital. He expressed concerns that choosing Amaravati as the capital would definitely lead to further regional disparities and potential secession conflicts, urging support for Visakhapatnam as the administrative capital.

In a blistering attack against the Opposition, Minister Dharmana Prasada Rao called the TDP as ‘migrant leaders’ who migrate from Hyderabad to AP only to remain relevant and in power. He went on to say, ‘Those who are opposing Visakhapatnam as the capital are stalling development of the state. These are the kind of people who only come back to Andhra Pradesh during elections.’ 

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Joining the tirade against the opposition, MP Nandigama Suresh said, ‘Pawan Kalyan's shifting alliances and intentions have raised several questions. He is with some party some day and after a few days, he joins someone else. He just cannot be trusted.’ He further expressed scepticism about Chandrababu Naidu's ability to fulfill his promises and commended Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for his commitment to fulfilling 99% of his Praja Sankalp Yatra promises. 

Furthermore, Gajuwaka MLA Tippala Nagi Reddy lauded Chief Minister Jagan Mohan Reddy for his resolution of long-pending issues related to the Gajuwaka house committee. He also called for continued support for Chief Minister Jagan's leadership, emphasising the potential benefits for future generations.

The huge gathering reaffirmed support for CM Jagan Mohan Reddy. Mayor of Visakhapatnam, Hari Venkata Kumari too lauded the CM's commitment to social empowerment and welfare. She emphasised the importance of his leadership in developing schools and providing opportunities to students to represent the state at national and international events.

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