Indians Stuck into Fake Jobs in Cambodia Arrested for ‘Revolt’

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Days after the Visakhapatnam cyber crime police busted a human trafficking racket being run by a few Indian agents from Cambodia, the Indian workers stuck in the Southeast Asian country came out on the streets of capital city Phnom Penh demanding the authorities to enable them to return to India. The protesters urged the Cambodian authorities to return their passports so they can fly back to their country. Meanwhile, the police detained the protesters for creating a law and order situation in the city. 

Recently, the Visakhapatnam police arrested three consultancy agents Chukka Rajesh, Kondala Rao and Jnaneshwar Rao who were targeting the gullible and jobless youth and promising them lucrative job offers in Chinese-run cybercrime businesses in Southeast Asian countries like Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar. 

As per the reports quoting the ordeal of victims, the employers in these countries are holding the staff captive and forcing them to target the individuals in India through online scams. The Indians held in captivity are not given food and are tortured if they don’t comply. 

Reports suggest nearly 5,000 victims from various parts of Andhra Pradesh were sent to Cambodia by the agents involved in the human trafficking case. Meanwhile, the Indian Embassy is working with the local government to rescue the stuck Indian nationals in their country. 

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