TDP Left A Pile of Debts And Ruined State Finances: Kurasala Kannababu

TDP Left A Pile of Debts and Ruined State Finances, Kurasala Kannababu - Sakshi Post

VISAKHAPATNAM: Minister for Agriculture Kurasala Kannababu slammed the opposition leaders for falsely propagating that the government is on a borrowing spree and said that there is no misuse of funds and everything is to provide welfare schemes for the people.

Addressing a press conference here on Thursday, the Minister said that welfare schemes were not put on hold even during the Covid-19 and the government extended a helping hand to the poor for overcoming the crisis. He said that it was the previous TDP government who left a pile of debts and ruined the State finances, but now making false accusations out of jealousy for implementing all the poll promises.

Minister Kannababu questioned TDP leaders whether they haven’t taken any loans and what have they done with the borrowed funds. He said that the opposition leaders have been speaking as if the loans are being taken only by this government and not in their rule. Unlike the previous government, our government has changed the outlook of government schools and brought various educational reforms by introducing schemes like Amma Vodi, Nadu-Nedu. Refuting the allegations that the Amma Vodi scheme was implemented by TDP leaders, he dared the opposition to reveal when it was implemented.
He said that Chandrababu Naidu has mastered the art of deceiving people and telling lies and recalled various incidents of Naidu betraying the farmer community. He stated that over 96 percent of the farmers have agreed for installing power meters, but the opposition is still trying to mislead them. It was TDP who got the history of arresting farmers and leaving a debt of Rs 8500 crore to the Discoms, he said adding that the opposition has no moral right to speak on power issues. He clarified that the entire country is facing power shortages due to the coal crisis, not just in Andhra Pradesh.

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