Movie Tickets Pricing: Entertainment Should Be Available To Common Man, Botsa Subtle Reply To Nani's Comments

AP Minister Botsa Satyanarayana Counter to Nani Ahead of Shyam Singha Roy - Sakshi Post

VIZIANAGARAM: State Municipal Minister Botsa Satyanarayana on Thursday, clarified that the inspections being conducted on theatres across the State were not any kind of intentional raids on cinema theaters. The Andhra Pradesh government is conducting routine raids on theatres at several places and seized several of them for allegedly violating rules like observing basic fire safety norms, failing to renew licenses, obtaining other statutory clearances, and selling tickets at higher prices.

Speaking to the media on Thursday, the Minister questioned whether regulating movie ticket prices was akin to insulting them. " Should we sit and watch if the ticket rates are sold arbitrarily. We will take action if there is any wrong committed or if the rules are violated," he warned.

“ For the common man, cinema is the only form of entertainment and it should be made available to everyone. How can they sell tickets at their own will and wish without consulting the government," he questioned. This is a policy decision made by the government and is an attempt to benefit the audience, Minister Botsa asserted in a clear message that the AP Government was going to act tough on those who violate the law.

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It is known that as part of its policy to streamline the way film theatres function in the state, the AP Government issued GO No 35 fixing ticket prices for theatres. It also issued GO 142 where the government was making a provision for an online ticketing system to prevent black marketing of tickets and regulate prices. To this effect the AP Cinemas (Regulation) Amendment Act 2021 was amended in the Assembly recently.

Meanwhile, just a day before the release of his film Shyam Singha Roy, actor Nani on Thursday made controversial statements to a few TV channels. The actor when asked about the ticket prices during a press meet, stated that what was happening in Andhra Pradesh was not right and that the Kirana store next to the theatre is making more money than a theatre owner right now. His statements have been met with a mixed response from the audience and few of the netizens have questioned the actor if it was wrong to streamline ticket prices and their sales.

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