Fact Check: AP Govt Dept Refutes Eenadu Misleading Article On Pension Distribution

 Fact Check: AP Govt Dept Refutes Eenadu Misleading Article On Pension Distribution - Sakshi Post

AMARAVATI: The Andhra Pradesh Government on Wednesday refuted a misleading article published in the Eenadu Telugu vernacular paper titled” Pensiondarulapai Maro Pidugu “ which was published on April 4, 2023. This has been written without seeking clarification from the concerned authorities. Terming the news as false the government authorities said that legal action would be initiated against the Eenadu management for publishing such fake articles.

The Government is disbursing pensions by the first of every month to around 63.42 lakh pensioners starting the first hour in the morning at their doorstep. From selecting the eligible beneficiary to the disbursement process the scheme the pension scheme has been successfully implemented in the state for the past four years and become a role model for the country. This government is continuously working to provide pensions to pensioners without any hassle.

 As part of that, a small change was made in the software to test the geofencing system on an experimental basis to find out how far they are from the secretariat. Geofencing makes tracking time easier and more accurate for users and this was being done as a part of information gathering to make the distribution of pensions more efficient. This was not done with the intention of stopping or cutting down the pensions and no such order was issued in this regard so far.

The government statement stated that writing such false and misleading news without seeking any explanation, is like giving wrong information to the people and pensioners and thus creating doubt in the minds of the beneficiaries. We believe that this kind of false news is part of a deliberate malicious campaign; the statement read which was shared on Twitter.

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