Fact Check: AP Social Welfare Dept Refutes Eenadu’s Misleading Claims on Diet Charges for Pre and Post Matric Hostels

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Amaravati: On Friday, February 17, 2023, the Eenadu newspaper carried an article with the title ‘Maatala Vantakame’ and tried to mislead its readers with false claims and fudged data about the diet charges for Pre and Post Matric hostels. 

The newspaper has made an unsuccessful attempt to show the AP Social Welfare Department in poor light by making misleading claims about the management of Pre and Post Matric Hostels. While the fact is the previous regime enhanced the diet charges for Pre and Post Matric hostels vide G.O.Ms.No.39 & 40 during the Year 2012. The government once against enhanced the diet charges for all the boarders residing in Pre-Matric & Post-Matric Hostels, Residential Schools / Colleges and other Welfare Educational Institutions maintained by SW / TW / BCW / DAW / W&CW / MW Departments again in 2019 as it prepared for the Assembly elections. The diet charges were raised vide G.O.Ms.No.82, Social Welfare (Edn.2) Dept., Dt:05.06.2018. 

This enhancement was implemented by the previous government only for a period of eight (8) months i.e. from July, 2018 to February, 2019. But, it failed to release the budget for diet charges during the short duration of 8 months. As a result, several bills remained pending by the time the present government assumed office.

The YSRCP government cleared all the pending bills from the previous regime after it assumed office in May, 2019. The pending bills amounting to Rs 132 crore pertaining to the Hostels and Residential Educational Institutions of all Welfare Departments were cleared between August 2019 to December 2019.

In August 2022, the Hon'ble Chief Minister directed the department to come up with a proposal for raising the diet charges so nutritious and balanced diet may be provided to all the boarding students in the Hostels, Residential Schools / Colleges and other Welfare Educational Institutions.

A Committee consisting of HODs of Welfare Departments and Secretaries of Residential Educational Institutions came up with a proposal which would benefit: 

> 5.92 boarding students
> The present budget allocation for Diet Charges is Rs 755.00 crore. The additional financial commitment due to the proposed enhancement of Diet Charges is not less than Rs110 crore 

At present, the file is in the final stages of discussions or approval. As the file pertaining to Diet Charges will likely be cleared soon, the Telugu  newspaper continuing its malicious campaign carried a negative article to malign the State government which is working committedly for the welfare and development of the weaker sections of the society.

Implementation of Nadu Nedu in Welfare Institutions:

> No steps were taken by the previous Government regarding maintenance of Hostels and Residential Schools.
> The Hon'ble Chief Minister conducted review meetings on 10.08.2022, 22.09.2022 and 18.11.2022 on implementation of Nadu Nedu in Welfare Hostels and Residential Schools.
> Accordingly, the Task Force Committee has been constituted under the Chairmanship of Principal Secretary to Govt., B.C. Welfare, vide G.O.Ms.No.1675, dated:12.08.2022, for finalising modalities in implementation of Nadu Nedu.
> During the elaborate discussions in the meetings of Hon'ble CM and TFC, (12) Components i.e., (i).Toilets with Running water, (ii).Electrification - Fans, Tube lights / LED, (iii). Drinking water supply, (iv). Furniture for Students and Staff, (v). Painting, (vi). Major and Minor Repairs, (vii).Kitchen Modernization, (viii). Compound walls, (ix).Mosquito proofing, (x).Smart TV (recreational purpose), (xi). Sports Equipment and Library Books and (xii).Beautification of the surroundings with safe disposal of drainage/waste water were prioritised under Nadu Nedu.
> Accordingly, the proposal for taking up of 3,013 institutions under 3 proposed phases of Nadu Nedu with a proposed financial implication of around Rs 3,300 cr is in final stages of discussion/approval. 

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