CM Jagan's Speech in AP Assembly's Budget Session: Key Highlights

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Every rupee belongs to the people: CM Jagan

We have deposited Rs. 2 lakh 55 thousand crores in the accounts of the beneficiaries

In the 57-month journey, there was no corruption anywhere

Every rupee is reaching the people without any discrimination

We directly deposited cash into the accounts of the sisters by pressing a button

However, the opposition is spreading toxic propaganda with the yellow media

The loss of state bifurcation is huge: CM Jagan.

Ours is an economy based on farmers and agriculture

AP income is less compared to Telangana

The state was divided unilaterally

We have lost Rs. 13 thousand crores annually due to division

In these five years, we have lost an additional income of lakh crores

Even the law doesn't have a provision for any relaxations

That deficit is still haunting: CM Jagan

The policies of the previous government have also done a lot of damage

The economy has collapsed

Sectors like education, agriculture, and women's empowerment have collapsed due to the policies of the previous government

Chandrababu cheated the farmers

In five years, Chandrababu did not even give Rs. 15 thousand crores to the farmers

The Saving Society's interest is also not waived

Every state should have an economic powerhouse

Without such a powerhouse, the revenue of the state will never increase

We have lost Hyderabad, which was built as a common property

The revenue deficit is still haunting the state after the bifurcation

The per capita income of the state has decreased

That's why I keep talking about Visakhapatnam

A state needs big cities to grow economically

We need cities like Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai

No one expected such a situation: CM Jagan

Between 2015-19, the share of taxes given by the Center was only 31.5 per cent.

The 15th Finance Commission recommended 41 per cent, but we got only 31 per cent

During Chandrababu's rule, it decreased to 35 per cent

After we came to power, they have reduced drastically to 31 per cent.

The share of taxes from the centre to the state in the last five years: 32780 thousand crores in 2018-19

28000 crores in 2019-20, 24000 crores in 2020-21

36 thousand crores in 2021-22 and 38,000 crores in 2023-23

Due to Corona, we have suffered severe losses for two financial years

Income decreased as well as expenditure increased

Funds from the center have also decreased. No one expected such a situation

We ruled for five years after facing many difficulties: CM Jagan.

Due to Corona, the income has decreased

In three years, the state has lost 66 thousand crores in revenue

Due to the COVID epidemic, some expenses have increased unexpectedly

One unexpected situation in these five years is the decrease in the share (devolutions) given by the central government to the states

In these five years, the share of our state and all states has decreased

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