CM Jagan Fires at Sharmila and Sunita, Turns Emotional in Pulivendula

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Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy arrived in Pulivendula on Thursday ahead of filing his nomination for the upcoming assembly elections. Upon reaching the town, the CM received a warm welcome from local MP Avinash Reddy and other party leaders. In the public meeting before filing his nomination at CSI grounds, CM Jagan criticized his sisters, Sharmila and Sunita for conspiring against him and aligning with his political rivals. He sought the blessings of the people of Pulivendula to continue his governance.

CM Jagan began his speech by expressing gratitude to Pulivendula calling it his "life's life" and his land. He credited his father, the late YS Rajashekara Reddy for the region's development through initiatives like the YSR Jalayagnam scheme that brought Krishna river waters to the drought-prone area.

CM Jagan called Pulivendula a story of development, trust, and success. Addressing the people as "my tigers," Jagan asked what qualities defined them and said his administration had reached those high standards, making Pulivendula a success story. He thanked everyone who stood by him through difficulties, with joined hands. Pulivendula symbolized development, trust, and a successful journey for CM Jagan. He attributed this achievement to YSR, saying his government took two more steps following YSR's vision.

The Chief Minister questioned whether Sharmila and Sunita could claim to be YSR's true heirs when they had joined forces with Chandrababu Naidu, Pawan Kalyan, and the BJP – the very parties that had conspired against and filed cases targeting YSR. He accused them of spreading mud by aligning with those who had killed his uncle Viveka. 

He questioned who targeted YSR's family and filed cases against his father through conspiracies. Who mentioned YSR's name in the charge sheets? CM Jagan accused those wanting to tarnish YSRCP's reputation and remove its name and ideals by joining hands with rival parties. He asked if those joining other parties were truly YSR's heirs.

CM further said Congress tried to tarnish YSR's name. He asked if anyone would vote for Congress which divided the state and went against its interests. He stated voting for Congress is like voting for Chandrababu since they have fewer voters than NOTA. CM Jagan warned that votes for Congress would only benefit Chandrababu and the BJP. 

CM Jagan further said that God and people know who killed his uncle Viveka. He questioned rumors about Viveka having another wife and child. The CM defended Avinash Reddy, saying he did nothing wrong and the questions he raised were reasonable. CM Jagan gave Avinash a ticket, strongly believing in him, but accused others of trying to destroy Avinash's life.

CM Jagan stated everyone knows his two younger sisters with the yellow media were part of the conspiracy against him, spreading rumors and allegations. They sided with those who unfairly defeated Jagan's brother-in-law in elections. He questioned if those reading scripts plotted against YSR could be considered YSR's true heirs.

Highlighting his government's achievements, CM Jagan claimed that no one could match his administration's performance in implementing welfare schemes and providing governance without bribes or discrimination. He promised to establish a long-awaited medical college in Pulivendula. The Chief Minister then concluded his speech by seeking blessings to continue serving the poor, stating God gave him this opportunity as CM.

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