Sri Reddy: Will Fight For Justice

Sri Reddy - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: "The big names in Tollywood, who are involved in different atrocities would very soon be taught proper lessons," warned the small-time actress Sri Reddy, who shot to fame for highlighting the casting couch issue in Telugu film industry. The actress who took up a strip protest and gained wide publicity, said that her fight to stop the atrocities meted out to artistes in all the crafts involved in filmmaking, would continue until it is stopped. She pointed out that she was not afraid of any threats.

Sri Reddy said that she would fight for justice against the illegal profits of studios, their command over distribution system and also atrocities of the top producers' sons. She said that in the name of UFO and Qube, the industry big-wigs are exploiting small producers, actors and directors. "Non Telugu people were being given a red carpet welcome in Tollywood. The big-wigs of the industry should change their attitude or else they will have to face my wrath."

She said that she was not afraid the threat calls and settlement offers that were showered at her. "I am ready to sacrifice my life for the sake of ethical practices in Telugu film industry," she added.

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