Highlights from YS Jagan's speech

Highlights from YS Jagan's speech - Sakshi Post

YSR Congress Party chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy ended his two-day ‘Rytu Deeksha' in Tanuku on Sunday.

Exceprts from his speech:

*The protest is aimed at bringing pressure on Chandrababu. Unless we overwhelm him, he will surely hike the prices and increase the tariff. Our struggle will continue. We will ensure that the government will see reason. We will bring the state to a halt if the government does not pay heed.

*Jagan thanks everyone for the solidarity and support.

*YS Jagan asked the people whether their loans were waived. The reply is a deafening NO.

He asks: Has your gold come back from the banks? The answer is a NO again.

Did you get new loans this time? NO again.

Can Chandrababu Naidu ever speak truth? In answer, the people roar again saying NO.

*This year, loans of the order of 56000 crore loans should have been disbursed. But, the banks have disbursed only 13000 crore loans. For the remaining amount, the farmers are forced to knock the doors of private lenders.

*He has a record of lying to the people and of going back on his promises. He had promised prohibition in 1996. But, he went back on his promise. The water cess was hiked by 300 per cent. He hiked farm power to Rs 625. He is doing the same this time again. He appears all set to hike prices again.

*The idea is to evade paying crop loans, DWCRA loans, fee reimbursement and unemployment allowance, welfare pensions. He is preparing ground to hike the taxes. The taxes are going to shock. Already the sand rates have gone up by three to five times. Power bills are being sent with retrospective effect.

*Chandrababu's aadhar card is in Hyderabad. His vote is in Hyderabad. His pan number has Hyderabad address. He can contest election from Andhra despite being based in Hyderabad. Only when it comes to loan waiver, this Hyderabad clause is brought in.

*Chandrababu had also promised jobs to the youth and assured to pay unemployment allowance to those who could not get jobs. This too was everywhere.

Now he has become a CM. But, instread of getting jobs, existing jobs are being lost. There is utter silence about unemployment allowance. Today 188th SLBC says the penalty amount on crop loans has gone up by 11000 crore.

*SLBC meeting chaired by Chandrababu has said the farm loans were Rs 87000 crore and DWCRA loans were of the order of 14000 crore. He knew the total loan amount. Yet, he announced farm loan and DWCRAloan waiver. He had also told the election commission that he had given this electoral promise based on his experience as chief minister of the state. During the elections, he repeatedly talked of crop loan waiver at every meeting.

*Today, the banks are auctioning the gold pledged by the farmers. Chandrababu does not say a word about it. Today, farmers are committing suicides. Chandrababu Naidu is refusing to accept even this. If he accepts, he has to provide for ex-gratia.
First Chandrababu talked about constituting Kotaiah Committee. Then he said he was talking to the Reserve Bank. Then he brought in empowered committee. In the end he allocated a mere 5000 crores for loan waiver.

*Several conditionalities were imposed. They brought in scale of finance. Every effort was made to remove as many loans possible out of the purview of loan waiver. First he said it was crop loan not farm loan. Then he removed horticulture crops from the list. Then he said only one piece of land would get loan waiver. He now says those in Hyderabad are not farmers.

*It is already nine months. Till date the government has done nothing to waive off the loans. Chandrababu is resorting to lie after lie to cover up his lifes.
*Today the farmers are in dire straits. They are unable to avail crop insurance. They are not in a position to avail zero percent loan. They are forced to pay a penalty interest fine of 14 per cent.
*The farmers are not even getting fertiliser subsidy. Today, nobody is talking of input subsidy. The farmers are unable to avail loans from the banks. 

*Massive crowds gather at YS Jagan's deeksha site in Tanuku.

*Crowd respond with enthusiasm when YS Jagan criticised Chandrababu.

*YS Jagan gives a call to further intensify protests against the Chandrababu Government.

*YS Jagan's two-day Deeksha concludes, huge crowds express solidarity with him. 

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