Dharmana slams TDP decisions

Dharmana slams TDP decisions - Sakshi Post

Hitting hard at the TDP government for its ‘unconventional methodology’ of governance, YSR Congress has said that taking cabinet decisions on issues where inquiries are pending and deals already fixed is blatant misuse of parliamentary democracy.

“The remarks against tehsildar Vanajakshi, incidents linking to tragedy of Godavari Pushkarams and the transnational interests in the building of the capital city were not the issues to be discussed during the cabinet meeting. They show the malafide intentions of the Government,” party leader Dharmana Prasada Rao told reporters on Thursday.

The three issues along with others were widely reported and are not in good taste.

Should the cabinet meeting be held at Rajahmundry, where the Pushakarams are going on is a larger question and should the cabinet arrive at a conclusion that tehsildar Vanajakshi is at fault in the incident where she was attacked by TDP MLA is a matter of concern, he said.

On the stampede incident as well the cabinet has passed a remark about the cause of the incident could be a live current wire dropping down and people running amok as suggested by two ministers who also opined that the hunger strike by a former MP could be a sabotage plan, and the rest agreeing to it. If such a conclusion is arrived at even before the inquiry begins how the concerned person heading the inquiry can work as such remarks can always influence the probe, he said.

“On the capital area construction issue, what we have told is coming true. Though the Centre suggested that it should be a government to government affair, it is going into the hands of private parties as the deal was already fixed and the Swiss Challenge method and other formalities are coming up later. Singapore Minister has categorically stated that it is only the private parties and there will be no involvement of the government. “We have been telling that since long and now the cabinet has approved the Master Plan only after the deal was fixed much earlier with private parties,’ he said.

“We have been telling that the capital area development is being looked at by TDP government as a business opportunity and that is what is happening now. The terms and conditions for the development have already been agreed and the cabinet nod is only a formality and to show off that the State is transparent. We strongly condemn such nefarious methods of the State and demand TDP Government to refrain from such practices,” he said.

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