Chandrababu using Dalit woman MLAs to wriggle out of crisis

Chandrababu using Dalit woman MLAs to wriggle out of crisis - Sakshi Post

In a stinging attack on Chandrababu's attempts to make his women MLAs resort to histrionics, YSRCP MLA RK Roja said he and his party MLAs have reduced the assembly to NTR Bhavan. She said under the TDP dispensation, the Assembly was no longer a forum to debate people's issues.

Talking to mediapersons on Tuesday, she said ruling party was trying to wriggle out of the Call Money Sex Racket by making their women MLAs cry in the house. Verbal assaults on the Opposition, including the Opposition leader, were being used to divert the attention from the Call Money racket, she said.
She said under Chandrababu rule, women were being made to cry. She said the ruling party MLAs and ministers were employing abusive expressions to criticise the Opposition and that everytime Chandrababu is it trouble, he uses Dalit woman MLAs to wriggle out.
She said while it was Peethala Sujatha last time when the issue of farmers' woes came up, this time Dalit woman MLAs to tide over the Call Money scam. She said selective leakage of the feed of the Assembly proceedings were being used to defame the Opposition, while it is the ruling party that is using abusive words.  
"If the woman MLAs are really serious, why were they silent when Anganwadi workers were being beaten up and when women lost their husbands to spurious liquor?"she asked.
"Chandrababu Naidu has never bothered about keeping Ambedkar's statue on the Assembly premises clean, used the great personality to divert the discussion,"she said.

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