Telangana Outcome Punctures Chandrababu’s Inflated Ego As TDP Sinks Without A Trace

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The huge loss faced by the Congress-led Mahakutami put paid to Chandrababu Naidu's larger-than-life projection of his image and his hopes to play a more prominent role on the national stage. Chandrababu Naidu brought in much-needed resources and media coverage to a desperate Congress, but it was clear that he overestimated his own charisma. He fancied he had a major role to play in Telangana and took on the job of mentoring the Congress. This was revealed by Ashok Gehlot's visit to Amaravati to get Chandrababu Naidu's approval to the Congress list in Telangana. The grand old party reduced itself to playing second fiddle.

Chandrababu Naidu decided put up 13 TDP candidates in the fray and his party seniors kept insisting that they would bag 7-8 seats. They have not bothered the scorers as yet, in cricketing parlance. Chandrababu Naidu's grandiose plans of becoming a king-maker at the national level have gone for a six now. The Congress will now see him as a liability after the Telangana poll results. In spite of all his efforts, if anything, he lent a negative edge to the Congress campaign. Oddly enough, the Congress leadership did not see this. This is precisely the point KCR stressed all along in his election rallies. He exposed the hypocrisy of the TDP supremo by telling huge gatherings at his election meetings that Chandrababu Naidu did not honour the power agreements after the bifurcation of the state. KCR also ridiculed tall claims Chandrababu makes on developing Telangana and Hyderabad in particular.

As the Congress goes back to the drawing board, Chandrababu Naidu will be left licking his wounds after being cut down to size by a resurgent TRS led triumphantly by KCR. The wheels of the cycle seem to have come off and Chandrababu's dreams punctured.

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