BBT5: SRC is Hamida's Survival Tactic to Escape Elimination?

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Bigg Boss Telugu Season 5 is the most popular show on the Telugu small screen right now. TV viewers are quite excited about watching the show and it seems they don't want to miss a single episode. 

Currently, Sreerama and Hamida are the Jodi in the glass house. They share a good rapport and are bonding well. Some TV viewers say that Hamida is overacting and showing off with Sreerama. They say that Hamida is possessive towards Sreerama and jealous of Siri. Netizens say that Hamida is distracting Sreerama from playing his game. And Sreerama has been accused of blindly following Hamida's advice which is affecting his game, say Bigg Boss viewers. 

It is known that from day one of the show, Star Maa tried to pair them up as Jodi. But the audience is not liking this forced pairing up one bit. 

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BTT viewers are of the view that Hamida is sticking to Sreerama to save herself from elimination. As we all know, Star Maa aka the show makers usually refrains from evicting contestants who hang around as Jodi. Netizens say that if Sreerama parts way with Hamida, then he would be in the top 5. They also say that Hamida is playing a safe game. 

However, there is no perfect Jodi in the Bogg Boss Telugu house yet. In the last season, there was a triangle track between Monal, Akhil, and Abhijeet. However, in the current season, there is no such love track. Bigg Boss Telugu 5 viewers are also asking Bigg Boss Telugu makers to bring in a female wild card entrant to spice up things in the house. 

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