Telangana Govt In Dilemma Over Re-Imposition Of Lockdown In Hyderabad

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HYDERABAD: Telangana government seems to have dropped the decision of re-imposition of complete lockdown in Hyderabad for 15 days. On June 28, Chief Minister K. Chandrashekar Rao had announced that the government will take a decision over 15 days re-imposition of complete lockdown in Hyderabad, after a cabinet meeting in three-four days.

But after that there is no official announcement from the state government over complete lockdown in Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation(GHMC) areas for 15 days. The city's business and commercial sectors are eagerly waiting for the decision from the government over re-imposition of lockdown in Hyderabad.

The government seems to be in a dilemma that Hyderabad is likely to suffer a severe loss in business and commerce sectors when compared to other metro cities if the lockdown is re-imposed in Hyderabad, as it is the major source of revenue for the state.

After assessing the pros and cons amid the rising number of COVID-19 cases in the state for a few more days, the government plans to announce its decision over the re-imposing of lockdown. But most of the daily labourers, and other citizens rush towards their hometowns with a fear of re-imposition of lockdown.

The state government has conducted an extensive study on conditions that might arise if the lockdown is re-imposed. State officials have also taken the opinions from medical professionals, politicians, businesses and entrepreneurs and the general public over the same.

In the survey, some have suggested imposing the lockdown in view of the coronavirus spread under the GHMC, while most others have reportedly opposed the proposal.

It is reported that most of the doctors as well as individuals from various sectors have advised the government that even after re-imposing the lockdown for 15 days, there won't be much difference in the situation, as the COVID-19 cases are rapidly increasing in GHMC areas.

Top medical professionals have reported that COVID-19 has reached the first stage of community transmission and they cannot control the spread of virus even after re-imposing lockdown.

Several experts have advised the government that the number of COVID-19 patients will be increased in the coming days and arrangements should be made to provide medical care for the people getting infected with the coronavirus.

All kinds of businesses are gaining recovery from the losses with phased-wise unlocking in Hyderabad.
The government and the police departments have to be prepared if the state government decides to re-impose lockdown. But, the police department has not yet received any information from the government over it.

ICMR is working hard to make the vaccine available for the prevention of coronavirus in the country by August 15. The leading pharmaceutical company in Hyderabad has partnered with Bharat Biotech to manufacture the vaccine extensively.

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