TDP Poll Survey Call Centre Cheated Youth

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Hyderabad: Despite banking on ‘Modi factor', the TDP left no stone unturned to win the elections on its own. As part of its strategy, the party recruited dozens of youth in Hyderabad to do the survey in Andhra Pradesh. 

The party rented a residential property in the name of an unidentified person in Punjagutta locality of the city. They set up a call centre firm with the name Invictus Pvt Ltd. The employees were given the task of calling the voters in the neighbouring state and doing a survey for the Telugu Desam Party. They were promised a monthly salary of Rs 13,000. They worked for 3 months and after elections they received only Rs 3,000.

Enraged youth protested against the management for holding back their salary and demanded it to pay their due salary amount. They management reasoned with them saying they will not get the arrears as they failed to meet the target. Feeling cheated, the youth vandalised the office furniture and staged a dharna. 

The management fled the scene when the youth called the police. It is reported that the management people misbehaved with some media persons who questioned them over the unpaid salary.

During a preliminary probe, the police found that the office was being run by the TDP leaders. They had also opened a branch office in the Kukatpally area. Meanwhile, the parents of the employees have complained that minors were employed by the firm for the party’s survey work. 

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