Hyderabad Parents Angry as Schools Send Consent Forms For Physical Classes

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HYDERABAD: It was reported earlier that schools in the city will start from September 1. Students will be required to go back for offline classes. The staff and management are preparing for this. They are now sending consent forms to the students’ parents for them to sign. The form specifies that the school will not be responsible for anything. This kind of attitude has irritated the parents.

Recently the Telangana government issued an order where they said that the schools will have to reopen. Since September 1 is very near, all the schools are now gearing up for the reopening. They have sent forms to the parents. While some forms have only asked the parents if they are okay with sending their child to the school, some forms even included a clause that clearly says that the management will not be responsible for the kid’s health.

It has come as a shock to the parents as they are already hesitant to send their kids to schools in this situation, and now the school authorities are sending such forms. One Begumpet-based school added malaria and dengue with Covid19 and said that they will not be held in charge for anything.

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The concern here is that the cases are at a relative calm now, but with the speculations of the third wave hitting really soon and none of these kids below 18 been vaccinated, how can the parents not be worried. If at all, the vaccine for kids comes out soon and they go to schools protected, it will be good.

Many schools have said that they did not receive back the consent forms from the parents. The parents do not want to agree to all the rules and clauses. Moreover, they are scared about the offline classes putting kids together without physical distancing. Instead of giving them hope, the school authorities are scaring them even more with consent forms like this.

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