Hyderabad Hospital Reports Five 'Black Fungus' Cases

 - Sakshi Post

'A serious fungal infection known as 'Mucormycosis', commonly referred to as "Black Fungus”, is being found in some of the Covid-19 patients in few states. It affects lungs and brain.

A couple of days ago, the Mucormycosis cases were detected in Delhi, Maharashtra and Gujarat and now a few cases have been found in Continental Hospitals, Hyderabad.

The doctors said that in the past two to three weeks, a total of five patients have been reported with black fungus infection. Continuous hospitalisation and use of corticosteroids may lead to infections ike Mucormycosis. Black Fungus may cause severe damage to body organs and may lead to death.

Dr Dushyanth Ganesuni, ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon and Laryngologist, Continental Hospitals said that, Swelling around the eyes, one-sided facial or eye pain, decreased sensation over cheeks, blood-stained nasal discharge are some of the symptoms of Mucormycosis infection."

He further added that self prescribed use of antibiotics and steroids to treat COVID-19 is highly dangerous and doing so would affect the immune system. In some conditions, the immune system will be totally collapsed and could lead to secondary infections like Mucormycosis. So, it is always suggested to seek medical advice before going for self-medication.

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