Hyderabad: GHMC Contract Worker Attempts Self Immolation Over Salary Dues

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Hyderabad: Another incident of salary not being paid on time and worker trying to give up his life has come forward. In the past months, many such cases were reported. Due to the pandemic, many workers lost their jobs and were left with no money. Some also faced issues with delay in payment or not getting paid the full amount.

Recently a GHMC outsourcing employee tried committing suicide and not just him but with the entire family. Ramesh Yadav along with his family tried to burn themselves. They went in front of the GHMC head office near Tank Bund. The family tried burning themselves.

According to the source, the man did not receive his salary for the past 10 months. He tried requesting a lot of times but to no avail. He went to the higher-ups a lot of times and it didn’t work out. Yadav was struggling to pay the bills and feed his family. That is when they decided to end their lives in front of the GHMC head office as they were tired of waiting.

Yadav came in front of the GHMC office on Saturday and brought a bottle of fuel with him. He cursed at the higher officials and then ahead wanted to pour fuel on himself and the family members. But before things went sideways, the security came and took the bottle away from him.

A case has been registered but the higher-ups are yet to respond to this.

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