Prathana admitted to hospital, Bapodara defends her during media trial in 'Pushpa Impossible'

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Mumbai, May 28 (IANS) In the upcoming episodes of 'Pushpa Impossible', viewers will see Prarthana (Indraxi Kanjilal) admitted to the hospital. When the police arrive to take her statement, she recalls that they might have hit a bike in the accident but doesn’t disclose this to the police.

Instead, she confides in Bapodara (Jayesh Barbhaya), who advises her to keep this information secret. The media arrives at the chawl with the news, and Bapodara stands by his daughter, Prarthana, defending her during the media trial.

The previous episode showed Prarthana going to the market with her driver. While driving, the driver had a heart attack, prompting Prarthana to take control of the car. In the process, she accidentally hit a bike and then crashed into a tree.

Speaking about the upcoming sequence, Indraxi shared: "Prarthana is a very innocent person who is shocked to be accused by the media of a death in the accident. She is also facing deep emotional turmoil because she can't remember the entire incident."

"However, she eventually recalls what happened and bravely tells her father, Bapodara. He advises her to keep it a secret until they find any evidence. Despite Prarthana's good intentions, the situation makes it hard to prove her innocence. The upcoming episodes will show how Prarthana handles everything and how Bapodara stands up for her, fighting everyone to protect his daughter," she added.

The show stars Karuna Pandey in the titular role.

'Pushpa Impossible' airs at 9:30 p.m. on Sony SAB.

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