NDTV tops Reuters Institute's digital news report 2024

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New Delhi, June 20 (IANS) In yet another significant milestone, the NDTV has topped the charts in the Reuter's Institute Digital News Report 2024 in both online and offline reach.

The study showed that NDTV has ranked highest in weekly reach for both offline (TV, Radio & Print) and online news consumption among the young, urban audience in India.

The report revealed that NDTV's 24-hour TV news channels lead the offline segment with 32 per cent of respondents indicating weekly usage.

Notably, 18 per cent of respondents watch NDTV at least three days per week. This consistent viewership underscores NDTV's reputation as a trusted news source in the competitive media landscape.

In the online domain, NDTV continues to dominate with a 27 per cent weekly usage rate. In addition, 17 per cent of respondents reported using NDTV online at least three times a week. These figures reflect NDTV's successful digital strategy and its appeal to a tech-savvy audience that relies on the internet for their news consumption.

"NDTV has pioneered insightful news reportage. Being at the top of the chart yet again in the prestigious Reuter's Institute Digital News Report, 2024 is more than a feat; it demonstrates our unwavering commitment to quality journalism. NDTV's team of fearless journalists will continue to report powerful stories with unflinching integrity," says Sanjay Pugalia, CEO and Editor-in-Chief of the NDTV Network.

The Reuters Institute study offers a snapshot of NDTV's weekly usage within the country's vast and diverse media market, indicating the network's strong presence and influence among this key audience segment.

"NDTV has remained the go-to platform for many during major headline events of 2023, spanning from global happenings to domestic events," the report said.



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