LVM-M3/OneWeb India-2 Mission to Lift-off from Sriharikota on Sunday

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Chennai: The countdown has begun as Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) gears up to launch LVM-M3/OneWeb India-2 Mission from the spaceport of Sriharikota on Sunday. The 24-and-a-half hour countdown started at 8.30 am on Saturday, ISRO sources said. 

ISRO will launch 72 satellites of the UK-base Network Access Associates Limited and place them in low Earth orbits. 

“LVM3-M3/OneWeb India-2 mission: The countdown has commenced,” ISRO tweeted.

According to ISRO, with a lift-off mass of 643 tonnes the LVM3, the heavylift launcher of ISRO, will take to the skies from the Second Launch Pad at 9.00 am tomorrow. The LVM3 will be carrying 36 satellites of theUK-based OneWeb. In the first mission, the first set of 36 satellites was launched on October 23 last year by the LMV3 M2 launch.

The total weight of 36 satellites weighs about 5,805 kg. These satellites will be placed in the LEO at an altitude of 455.538 km in a phased manner. 

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